On May 18th 2019 we held the first ever Plant Based Games, a team fitness competition where the core of the athletes competing follow a vegan, vegetarian or plant based lifestyle.  This event was the first of its kind, and one which we our proud to have created. 

Our mission is to inspire others to consume more plants and less animals. It's a simple vision which effects go further than saving billions of innocent animals being slaughtered each year, and reaches out into the reduction, reverse and treatment of devastating chronic diseases which have been directly linked to the consumption of meat and other animal products. Along with these benefits we must also take into account the truly scary statistics associated with animal agriculture and its effects on the planet, which is one of the leading causes for oceans dead-zones, the increase of co2 & methane emitted into the air and the terrifying amount of deforestation happening throughout our most precious areas. 

The Plant Based Games was created to bring together those who share the same passions for Health, Fitness and learning how to create a lifestyle which is better for their health and the health of the planet.

This is why we do what we do, it's not just a fitness event - its a statement.