We host regular training days & workshops in and around London. From this we have created our unique "Test & Train" series which give you the opportunity to challeneg yourself and collect important data that you can use going forward. 

The aim of these days is to get together with the community, have a fun and challenging workout and then hold a talk or workshop on a specific topic such as nutrition, lifestyle, motivation, and more.

This year saw the creation of the Plant based Games - A fittness competition designed to showcase a plant based lifestyle within health & fitness.


We want those who attend our events to walk away having challenged themselves, to have learnt something and to have made some new connections.


This year we were invited to the Vegan campout to host the Plant Based Games. It was awesome to be able to inspire others to move more and become just that little bit fitter. 

As we continue to build our awareness of the mission that we're on of inspiring the next generation of healthier, Fitter Vegans,  we will be heading to various events around the UK to promote this. 


If you're interested in having the Active Vegans attend an event that you are hosting then please contact us and we'd love to get invloved.    

Giving back. 

We're always looking to give back in some way. Last year we were super proud to have hosted our first plogging event in London collecting rubbish along the canal as we walked. This was a great way to help keep an important area cleaner and safer for the animals that live there and the people who walk along it.

We ended the walk by hosting environmental & ethical talk by Robbie Lockie from Plant Based News and our very own William Brown. 

Keep an eye out for another one of these amazing events. 

Talks & Panels.

We are grateful to have been invited to talks and panels as the Active Vegans. We believe that the best way for anyone to promote a vegan or plant based lifetyle is to be the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves. 

A part of our mission is to inspire others to eat less meat and more plants, but to also move their body and stimulate their mind. We will be hosting events and talks to spread this message wherever we go.


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